At Rainbow Arokayal, you can find paradise and romance along side the peaceful Bang-Pa-Kong River

Diagnosis Center

-Consultations with our certified physiotherapists will be integrated into your personalized plan to contribute to your happiness and overall wellness. -A complete physical structure check-up [...]

Energy Treatment

Energy Treatment The Far-Infrared dome sauna generates long wavelength light beams that deeply penetrate body tissues triggering the mobilization of toxins from subcutaneous fat storage directly [...]

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy Hydro-Aerobic exercise in the swimming pool systematically develops all parts of the musculoskeletal system in a balanced and gentle d is manner by reducing the effects of gravity [...]


Comfort and culture best describe our accommodations situated in the serenity of the Thai countryside. All of Rainbow’s guest service associates work from the heart, of the Th ensuring your [...]


Rainbow Arokayal’s unique Volcanic Detoxification(Chi Sand) harnesses the natural power of Far-Infrared heat, generated by volcanic mineral stones from Japan. It is widely known in holistic [...]


Rainbow Arokayal 25 years of experience, offers an individual treatment program to fit your specific needs with an eclectic mix of the best of both Eastern and Western alternative medical practices.