Premium Selection of Treatments

Heart-felt service from our qualified therapists begins with a comprehensive diagnosis, including live blood analysis, aura test and body posture check. Our aim is to detect the root problem of chronic disease, treat the problem at the source and then re-adjust your basic faculties of living for future illness prevention. Quite unlike any spa, this holistic center and resort is the first in Thailand to provide the exclusive volcanic sand bath detoxification treatment from Japan.

Treatment Program Pricing

3 Days Treatment
25,000 Baht
5 Days Treatment
37,500 Baht
7 Days Treatment
49,000 Baht

Room Rate (Bangkla Chachoengsao)

Room Type จำนวน point ที่ใช้/1 ครั้ง
Executive Rooms 25 point
Rive Rooms 30 point
Shangrila Rooms 35 point

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