“Alloeh” is an ancient Arabic word that means “bright and bitter.” And “Vera” means the truth. So aloe vera has its meaning in the field of truly living a healthy life.

There are about 400 species of aloe vera in the world. Most of people assume they are not significantly different.

Actually, Barbadensis Miller is the only species of aloe vera which has its effect as an elixir. The other ones are not equivalent to it and some of them are toxic instead.

Due to the miraculous benefits of Barbadensis aloe vera mentioned in the world history since the ancient time, it was given various nicknames for its great effects, for examples:

Egypt: Plant of Immortality
Greece: Miracle Plant
China: Harmony Remedy
India: Silent Healer
Maya Tribe: Fountain of Youth
Russia: The Elixir of Longevity
Mesopotamia: The Elixir of Jerusalem