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Body Restructure in Rainbow Arokayal Clinic

Body Restructure is forming adjusting and correcting in order to normalize structure of the body skeleton, muscles, joints and turn them to their original structure and balanced status under the principles of normalizing balance of deep muscular structure together with adjusting the patient’s daily behavior for proper movements. When the patient’s body structure are adjusted to their normal structure, this will enhance the functions of various systems of his body including those of muscles, joints, bones, spinal nerves system and internal organs of his body to work efficiently.

Procedures for Body Restructure by Rainbow Arokayal Techniques

Examination of Body Structure

This means the present spinal alignment of the patient has to be examined in order to compare with normal alignment of other common people so that each spinal column would be evaluated whether there is any deviation of spinal alignment against normal alignment. At the same time abnormality of each muscular part has to be evaluated to see that it has any impact on the change of body structure of the patient. The examination will be undertaken by a specialist in body structure so that any of its abnormality could be evaluated and analyzed. This stage of examination shall include suggestions and corrective methods in order to enhance the patient’s body structure which includes his skeletal and muscular systems.

FIR (Far Infrared Radiation) and Body Restructure

The use of deep thermal radiation emitted from natural minerals having FIR ionized energy will better the patient’s blood circulation and enhance the functions of his internal organs and at the same time it can rejuvenate the old and/or damaged cells. The FIR energy also helps detoxifying the patient’s toxins by means of sweating which helps relaxing any contracted muscles. The therapy by FIR energy will be used together with special devices and unique therapeutic procedures of Rainbow Arokayal Clinic that will help relaxing the tissues around spinal alignment and deep muscles thus helps enhancing their elasticity causing better movement of various spinal columns. The physical therapy added by special exercises for weak muscles in particular will helps strength them in order to maintain the spinal alignment. The therapeutic course will include instructions given for adjustment of the patient’s daily behavior such as correct postures for his standing, walking , sitting and sleeping in order that his correct and healthy body structure could be maintained efficiently.

Normal Body Structure 

The body structure of a human being is consisted of muscular ,skeletal and nervous systems which have to function harmoniously. The normal body structure must be balanced in the same level. This means the range of spinal alignment must be straight as it should be. It must have no bending or leaning position to any side of the body. The muscles on both sides of his body must be identical without any swelling or nodular appearance. Also the muscles must have no abnormal contraction causing pressure or constriction of spinal nerves in order that the nerve signals from spinal cord could be flowed to muscles and other internal organs smoothly so that they could be functioned properly.


Abnormal Body Structure

Improper postures of body movements and heavy loads of work accumulated for a long time in daily life can lead to abnormal body structure such as side-bended spine, humpback, front-bended spine or nerve protruding from the center line of spine thus resulting pain , stiffness and/or numbness of muscles and then followed by the abnormal body movement of the patient.