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What is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a procedure of inserting needles into points on parts of body aiming to treat various diseases. The principle has been developed by the Chinese medical.

What are the needles like?
The needle used is very small and thin. It has a clean cut tip. There is no medication on it. All the needles used here in our hospital are new and disposable, no reuse at all. Medical knowledge has stated that the acupuncture can heal some certain diseases because the needle stimulates the receptor so nerve cell becomes functional, muscles detract, and blood vessels allow better blood circulation. These receptors are deep underneath the skin so the stimulating device should be inserted into the body without harm.

What can Acupuncture heal?
Acupuncture can heal a number of health problems i.e.

  • Pain e.g. low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee ache, Migraine, headache, Dysmenorrheal
  • Paralysis
  • Hearing problems e.g. Tinnitus, Sudden Hearing Loss
  • Allergy, asthma, repetitive flu
  • Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety disorder
  • Skin problems e.g. pimple, Melasma, hair fall, Herpes zoster, rash
  • Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease
  • Digestive tract problem e.g. constipation, diarrhea, anal hemorrhage, hick-up, stomachache
  • High blood pressure, low blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Weight control, weight gain
  • Quitting smoking, alcohol, drugs
  • Erectile dysfunction, Golden age
  • Others, considered by physicians

Does it hurt?
While inserting a needle, slight pain can happen and when the needle point approach the target depth, patients can feel dull pain at the point and along the meridians flow.

Preparing for Acupuncture

  1. Optimum meal
    In general, the patient should have had meal 1-2 hours prior to the manipulation and not too much. Vice versa, when feeling so hungry, it is not a good time for acupuncture. The patient can faint very easily when inserting and stimulating needles because of lack of energy.
  2. Having enough sleep will not feel tired.
  3. Appropriate clothing
    For acupuncture, the points to insert needles are sometimes under clothes. Patients are encouraged to wear separate tops and pants or skirt. The dress should not be too tight so it can be folded. The cuff should be large enough for folding up to elbows or knees. For shoulder treatment, wide-necked shirt or blouse is advisable. Normally, the patients lie down for the manipulation because it is more relaxing and it prevents faints in case of anxious patient.
  4. Turn off all communication devices.

World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that acupuncture can be effective in the treatment of a number of conditions as follow;

  1. Outstanding treatment outcome
    Pains of chronic neck, shoulder, elbow, spinal column, waist, knee, and joint (rheumatic) pain, pain and sprain, dysmenorrheal, pain from gallstone in the bile duct (cholelithiasis), headache from depression, or before menstruation, pain associated with cystitis, neural pain, post-surgical pain, migraine, depression. Conditions of paralysis, associated condition with brain disease, high or low blood pressure, Herpes zoster, leukemia, Erectile dysfunction, allergy, asthma, anxiety, insomnia, locked jaws, nausea, quitting smoking, alcohol, or drugs.
  2. Good treatment outcome
    Throat acute pain or chronic pain (tonsils), vertigo, children’s short-sighted, Dystocia, intestinal dysfunction due to depression.
  3. Effective treatment
    Constipation, diarrhea, infertility of male and female, stomach dislocation, urinal control, poor digestion, sinusitis, insufficient breast milk.